Suncoast Microwave: Providing you with all your waveguide needs.
 Quality, Cost & Service:
Waveguide has often been called the dinosaur of the communications industry. However; without this product, your systems are useless. With over 30 years experience in providing waveguide to the satellite & communications industry, we understand what it takes to provide you with this simple, yet important part of your communication system. Suncoast Microwave also understands that cost is just as important as quality and delivery. The industry has become very competitive over the past few years, and Suncoast Micowave has all the tools needed to provide you with your waveguide needs.

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Honesty & Reliability:
Suncoast Microwave strives to provide you with quality, cost effective waveguide components.
Pricing: Our low pricing will demonstrate our effective management style of bulk material purchases and blanket order utilization.
Quality: We understand that quality is priority. With proven processes and procedures, you will receive top quality parts everytime.
Delivery: Suncoast Microwave realizes the importance of getting you your orders when they are promised. It is our management theory that if you are "honest" with your customers, they will continue to build your relationship.
If you haven't already, give Suncoast Microwave a try next time you require waveguide. You will quickly discover the assurance we provide.

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